Informal Leadership

Informal Leadership
A Hidden Gold Mine of Talent and Skills

Marcia Smart Ph.D.
Have you ever wondered how is it that some people cut through formal channels to get things done with great results and on time?  Why do some become the “go-to” people when problems arise?

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, economic dynamics have collectively contributed to a need to reconsider the nature of current leadership system design. A  migration of leadership responsibilities to the lower levels is occurring and it is fundamentally changing the leadership systems of many organizations. Arising out of this migration is a leadership phenomenon called Informal Leadership. At the heart of this new and evolving powerful dynamic is the Informal Leader.

Informal leaders are hidden valuable assets who have the potential to provide a critical competitive advantage for organizations. Managers need to be aware that there are people in their organization who are already progressive leaders, and who have power and influence, whether the manager has given it to them or not. 

With our in-depth understanding of informal leadership, we partner with client organizations to tap into this hidden gold mine of talent and skills.  We strategize and design innovative approaches to leverage and to maximize the strengths and commitments of informal leaders.  The result is the achievement of higher performing teams and increased levels of productivity.

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informal leadership
“I found this book to be a quick and informative read on one of the most important assets of any organization—the informal power group.”
-Dr. Russell Joki, Chair, Leadership and Counseling, University of Idaho

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